Imran Khan’s Visit to the US is a Global Twitter Phenomenon


Imran Khan is a crowd-puller, there has never been any doubt about it. He has proven it once again, away from home in Washington DC, where he addressed the Pakistani community in the United States during his first official visit to the country.

Leaving the politics aside, the gathering, aka Jalsa, is a testament to Khan’s popularity in the Pakistani expat community across the globe. He received a heartwarming welcome from the Pakistani community in the United States as people kept coming in where Imran Khan delivered his speech.

The Capital One Arena, which has a capacity of around 25,000, was jam-packed to see Imran Khan and listen to what he had to say about those living abroad for livelihood. Ever since he came into power last year, Khan has always said that overseas Pakistanis are close to his heart, which might be the reason why people turned out in numbers to witness the historic event. There were reports that people had flown in from Canada and other countries to catch a glimpse of the superstar-esque PM of Pakistan.

Twitter is swarmed with all sorts of messages regarding the premier’s visit to the States. Here are the top trends on Twitter in Pakistan:


Twitter Trends

Not just this, the hashtag #PKIKJalsainUS was the top trend worldwide.

#PKIKJalsainUS was the top trend worldwide early in the morning today

Let’s see what people are saying about the Jalsa, which reminded us of the Dharna days.

Mohammad Hafeez liked what he saw:

So did Waqar Younis.

Faisal Javed Khan knows how to warm up the crowd.

Some scenes from the arena.

The best-kept secret yet?

Not a cinema.

Overseas Pakistanis showed their love for Imran Khan.

Massive indeed.

On a lighter note:

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