Here Are Some Interesting Trump-Imran Moments from Their White House Meeting [Videos]


Prime Minister Imran Khan met the President of United States, Donald Trump, on Monday at the White House in Washington.

The meeting holds great significance for Pakistan as the government aims to reset ties with the United States in a way that both countries benefit from each other.

The high-profile meet-up seemingly went quite well for Pakistan with the biggest boost being the offer made by Trump to mediate the Kashmir issue between Pakistan and India.

There were some candid moments during the media Q&A session at the end of the leaders’ meeting. Considering Imran Khan met Donald Trump, there had to be a few.

Here are some of the highlights of the visit:

Trump’s remarks on Imran Khan.

Pakistan never lies.

Trump says he’s going to campaign for Imran Khan.

He likes Pakistani reporters better.

And then there were some not-so-good moments when Trump boasted of wiping off Afghanistan in 10 days.

Trump offered to help solve the Kashmir conflict.

And, I couldn’t resist sharing this.

What are your thoughts on Imran Khan’s visit to the US? Let us know in the comments section.

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