Imarat Builders Mall Open House is a Resounding Success


Imarat Builders Mall – Pakistan’s biggest builders mall – held an open house over the weekend to facilitate investors keen on becoming a part of yet another profitable venture of the Imarat Group of Companies.

The event opened on November 30 and was an instant success, with the sales department clocking up record sales numbers on day one. The official marketing and sales partner for the event was the Graana Group of Companies.

Imarat Builders Mall, offering products and services for everything related to construction and building under one roof, opened its doors to guests from different walks of life including investors, builders, retailers and more.

The guests were given a guided tour of the grey structure of the mall after ensuring the provision of safety equipment for all, after which the sales team walked them through the once in a lifetime benefits of investing in Imarat Builders Mall.

The clients were briefed on the profitable returns, convenient buyback policy, and guaranteed rental yield and capital appreciation with unprecedented numbers in the real estate sector.

By the end of the two-day event, Imarat Builders Mall had not only secured enviable investments but had also created a significant buzz in the property market regarding its unique open house initiative.

According to Imarat Group of Companies CEO Shafiq Akbar, the prime location of the Imarat Builders Mall is aimed at serving a bigger purpose than just commercial gains.

“Soon, this location will be considered the new Blue Area of the twin cities,” he said.

Graana Group Director Farhan Javed added that the success of the open house was just the start, and the Group has many more ventures in the works that have the potential to generate similar success stories.

Atif Masood, Imarat Chief Development Officer Atif Masood termed the experience a great success and lauded the team’s collective effort in making the event a talking point of the town.

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