You’ve Never Seen a Smartphone Like This Before

CES is used as a platform to showcase the most outlandish and bizarre concept products that might be commercialized one day. Where the top OEMs are working on smartphones with folding and sliding displays to increase the screen size of devices, the Cyrcle phone and dTOOR have come up with a “non-rectangular phone for non-rectangular people”. According to the Company, “The new Cyrcle Phone exists to inspire a world where you can be you — whatever shape you are.”

The founder and CEO of Cyrcle, Christina Cyr, claims that the phone has been specifically designed to fit women’s smaller pockets or hang lightly from their clothing in case they don’t have any pockets. You can even build your own cyrcle phone here.

According to Christina Cyr:

The Cyrcle phone is for people looking for something different. Rectangles have served us for years and years but we are looking for something that fits better in the hand and something that fits better in the pockets.

All we know about the phone is that it runs on Android but the company has not yet tweaked the UI such that the applications open up within the circular interface. Other than this, it comes with two headphone jacks and a single sensor 13 MP selfie camera. While explaining the concept behind two headphone jacks Christina said:

So, we noticed that Gen Z and millennials were actually buying up headphone jack splitters and it was really convenient for me to put on not just one but two headphone jacks on the design.

It won’t really sound like much of a reason to most people.

As far as the specifications of the device are concerned, the company has neither revealed the details regarding the display of the phone nor any information regarding the processor and storage.

The phone is far from perfect and is not capable of being commercialized as of now. Moreover, in a world where consumers are rooting for larger displays, faster processors and higher storage on their smartphones, this cyrcle phone looks like a misfit.

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