Man’s Citizen Portal Complaint Against Bank Gets Resolved in 2 Hours

An ATM-related complaint on Pakistan Citizen Portal was resolved within hours of intervention from the Prime Minister Office.

As per details, a private bank, dillydallying an ATM-related complaint of an Islamabad citizen for several months, fixed the matter within hours after the person took it to the Citizen’s Portal.

The man, whose name was not revealed, told the media that three months ago, his ATM card got stuck in an ATM during a transaction. While he could not complete the transaction, the bank deducted the amount from his account.


PTA Ranked Top Regulator in Pakistan Citizen Portal Complaint Resolution Report

The bank officials kept delaying the matter and showed no interest in solving his issue. Disappointed from them, he registered a complaint on the Citizen’s Portal.

He received a call from the State Bank within one and a half-hour of his complaint, informing him that his grievance has been taken up with the specified bank and that he will soon receive a call from them.

The complainant said that he received the money within the next 30 minutes, followed by a phone call from the bank. The official apologized for the inconvenience and requested him to retract his complaint from the portal.


PM Khan Takes Notice of Misconduct in Citizen Portal Complaints Resolutions

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Online Citizen Portal has been a massive success in 2019, an annual performance report revealed.

As per the report, the portal received over 1.6 million complaints throughout the year, and 91 percent of them were resolved within 90 days.

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