Microsoft Launches Windows 10X for Foldable Devices

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Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows at its latest Developer Day Event called Windows 10X. It is designed for dual-screen devices or convertible laptops and was unveiled with the Surface Neo last year in October. As the name suggests, it is an altered version of Windows 10 that supports dual-screen devices.

The company has also released the much anticipated Windows 10X emulator, which means that we can try out the new OS on other devices as well. This will also help get development rolling for the dual-screen Surface Neo.

windows 10x all apps start menu

windows 10x all apps start menu

Windows 10X opens up to the standard taskbar we’re all familiar with but the start button is closer to the center next to a few other shortcuts. The start menu is awfully similar to Android’s app drawer with a grid of icons and a separate tab for recently used apps and files, but with Windows’s traditional tile design.

Similar to the Galaxy Fold, a single app can be stretched across the two screens or can be opened to a single pane while a second app is on the other one.

Microsoft Surface Neo tablet > Windows devices

Microsoft Surface Neo tablet > Windows devices

The emulator allows multiple orientations including “Book Mode” that puts both screens on portrait mode and a “landscape” arrangement that gives the device more of a traditional laptop feel. There is also a “tablet mode” that turns off one display once it is folded out of sight.

Taking screenshots via the emulator app removes the physical gap between the two screens and can also capture both the screens separately.

The video below demonstrates how the dual-screen OS works:

The OS still has some limitations and problems to cover up but Microsoft still has plenty of time to iron them out as Surface Neo, the first Windows 10X device, is not expected to ship until the end of this year.

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