Hazara Traffic Police to Start a Computerized Driving Test

The Hazara Traffic Police is looking to start a computerized driving test and bike ambulance service, according to a senior official.

Tariq Mehmood, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Traffic, Hazara, while talking to the media, said that under the traffic management initiatives, the traffic police are introducing 10 tasks. These include banning petrol to bikers without helmets, no one wheeling, no underage driving, curbing drug use, 50% challan books taken back, rapid response to accident response unit and creation of the Eagle Squad.

As per the SSP, these steps had slashed the number of traffic accidents, particularly of motorbikes.

He added that the tourist police and the Eagle Squad have helped a large number of tourists in the winter season and an awareness campaign will be carried out with the help of local citizens and media. A series of lectures will be given to public transport drivers to help better their conduct and public demeanor.

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