in The Modern Homegrown Alternative to Television

We are now living in a time where the phrase, ‘Netflix and Chill’ has gone from being pop-culture reference to being a lifestyle. The ‘On Demand’ facility offered by the online TV programming has made the lives of the modern fast-paced society a lot more convenient, which is why almost everyone resorts to the online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. For the audience of Pakistani TV programming though, there hadn’t been any such facility to make things convenient, until recently. is the latest and only online streaming service intended particularly for the Pakistani TV programming. The platform boasts the program streaming of more than 60 local channels, featuring the most-watched TV shows, Drama Serials and News Channels across the country.

The platform is meant to benefit everyone that has the access to internet, which is almost the entire population of the country. You can avail the service by downloading their app on your smart devices, (phones, tablets and/or TVs) laptops or desktops and enjoy your favorite daily television programming.

Following are some of the key reasons why should be your new go-to entertainment source in today’s world of digital and mobile entertainment:

  • First and foremost, convenience is perhaps the most prevalent theme in the entire world as of late. Based on that theme,, along with the platform’s innate convenience, offers additional convenience in the form of user-friendliness of the application. Once you download the app, you can sign up for their service in a super easy fashion.
  • guarantees the best live streaming experience both in terms of speed and quality. Developed and operated by Convex Interactive, offers the HD video quality that runs seamlessly, with the least chances of the irritating buffer-circle getting in the way of your entertainment.
  • Featuring the capability to rewind, pause and/or record a show, a news break or a drama serial, allows you to never miss out on your favorite television programming.
  • Just like any social media platform, you can catch-up with what the world is watching. shows you the most trending programs or news bits that you can watch and be up-to-date on the trending topics.
  • With 60+ channels, you have a myriad of options to choose from in terms of what to watch. From particular news to general entertainment, you can watch whatever you want, whenever or wherever you please
  • If on some odd day you get bored of watching all the programs there are to watch, allows you to participate in trivia game called ‘Junoon Ka Khel’ and win exciting prizes. The game not only keeps you engaged, but also makes you feel a part of the community.
  • PSL season 5 is just around the corner. As luck would have it, offers free streaming of the league matches just to make sure you don’t miss any of it. is a tremendous all-inclusive online streaming platform that offers a variety of programs while ensuring the best streaming quality at the utmost convenience of the customers. With that said, now is the best time for Pakistani TV lovers to opt for the app and enjoy the unparalleled facilities offered by Pakistan’s best OTT platform.

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