Pakistan Gets Highest-Ever $200 Million GCF Grant to Deal With Climate Change

Pakistan will initiate the work on multiple projects under the $200 million grant by Green Climate Fund (GCF) to mitigate environmental degradation in the country.

This was revealed by the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam on Monday.

According to the Adviser, Pakistan has formally had received grants of around $200 million, adding:

The GCF funding given to Pakistan is the highest ever international amount.

He added that the GCF grants will help finance crucial projects, including installation of 40 monitoring stations in the Northern Areas’ glaciers, Zero Emission Metro Bus project Karachi and Climate-Smart Agriculture, aimed at reducing the devastating impacts of global warming and increased greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Amin stated that the glaciers of northern areas are melting and had developed numerous lakes that require urgent attention to have proper monitoring, besides issuing early warnings to the local communities for optimum disaster preparedness and management.

He noted that the Zero Emissions Metro Bus Karachi was the world’s first project with the least emissions that will be established as a model of biogas fuel using buses.

The Climate-Smart Agriculture project will be implemented in collaboration with the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). A memorandum of understanding was recently signed with FAO to implement the project in 8 districts of South Punjab and Sindh, he added.

It will be a pilot project whereas the study/consequences of project will be implemented across the country to transform our agriculture sector on climate change resilient and adaptive terms.

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