TCL’s New Smartphone Features A Unique Slide Out Display [Leak]

While leading phone makers are working to perfect the foldable form factor in smartphones, TCL is working on something entirely different and arguably better. Instead of a phone that can bend in half, TCL is working on a phone that has a slide-out display and its design has been revealed in a set of newly leaked renders.

TCL Slide-Out Smartphone Design

TCL Slide-Out Smartphone Design

The image shows a concept phone with a standard form factor that can turn into a tablet once the display is pulled out. Technical details on this concept are still unavailable, but it seems that the additional display tucks within the device.

TCL Slide-Out Smartphone Design

TCL Slide-Out Smartphone Design

The phone features a sleek design at the back with a visible crease going down the middle when fully opened. There is a quad-camera setup at the top left corner arranged in a vertical layout in a separate strip of its own. It seems that this strip is also used as a handle to pull out the display.

Earlier reports claimed that TCL had been planning to unveil this phone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020 event, but since the conference is now canceled, it is unclear when the company will reveal this device.

We will update this space as soon as more is revealed.

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