Samsung Lied About the Improvements in Galaxy Z Flip [Video]

Samsung released the Galaxy Z Flip last week at its Unpacked event showing off its “folding glass” screen and numerous other features. This was soon after proven wrong by the durability test videos that showed how the phone’s display was just as fragile as the previous folding device.

Now the phone’s teardown videos show that it not only has a plastic screen but the brushes in its hinge are not as good as they are advertised either.

The teardown video from iFixit shows that the phone’s hinge might not stop much dust from getting into the phone after all. This is because the actual number of bristles in the hinge is not even close to what Samsung showed off in their marketing video.

iFixit tested the phone’s dust resistance by tossing it into a bag full of purple dust. Once the phone was taken out of the bag, they were able to shake a lot of dust out of the phone and the amount of dust still inside even prevented the phone from opening back up.

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However, it is worth mentioning that Samsung doesn’t claim that the Z Flip is water or dust resistant and iFixit also acknowledged that the fine powder used in the video does not reflect real-world use. So perhaps the Z Flip’s hinge mechanism is better designed to repel day-to-day pocket dust instead.

The teardown video from JerryRigEverything also gives us a pretty good look at the Z Flip’s internals.

His video shows that the phone’s screen scratches and receives marks just like a plastic screen would even though it is advertised to be glass. He also revealed that removing the plastic protective layer from the screen completely destroys it similar to the original Galaxy Fold when a similar protective layer was removed.

Zack did, however, say that the Galaxy Z Flip is indeed an impressive piece of engineering but only ended up being a slight disappointment as it was marketed to be much better than it actually is.

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