Samsung Phones Are Randomly Getting a ‘Find My Mobile’ Notification

In what appears to be a mistake by the Korean OEM, Samsung users around the world are receiving a strange push notification from Samsung’s Find My Mobile app. As several users have reported, the notification simply reads “1” with another “1” below it and disappears when tapped on.

A few hours after people started reporting the issue, Samsung acknowledged that the message was unintentionally sent during an internal test.

Apart from the latest Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Z Flip, users with Galaxy S, Galaxy A, and Galaxy J series smartphones have also reported that they received a similar push notification.

Verge’s editor Dieter Bohn also received the notification on his Galaxy Z Flip, which he is currently using in the process of testing for review.

Here are some of the user reactions:

For those who don’t know, Samsung’s Find My Mobile Service Similar to Google’s Find My Device app allows users to find their phone in case they lose it.

This is not the first time an OEM sent out bizarre notifications to a wide audience. A similar incident happened to OnePlus last year, where users received garbled text and Chinese characters in what turned out to be a failed internal test for a software update.

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