Silver Oaks Schools – Developing Enlightened Leadership & Making a Difference

One of Pakistan’s most prestigious educational institutions, Silver Oaks Schools & College, enjoys a heritage in education that spans over a hundred years.

Under the Silver Oaks Schools & College brand headquartered at Rawalpindi, Silver Oaks International Education Services (SOIES) Group currently owns and operates 30 Preschool to K-12 Schools & College at 29 Campuses across 7 cities i.e. Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Sialkot and, Canadian Oaks Kindergarten Dubai, with a student population of close to 7000 and staff in excess of 800.

Formally set up in 1992 as ‘Silver Oaks School’ by the founder educationist and Principal Mrs. Nasrin Tariq, the family’s commitment to education has roots and heritage that goes back over a hundred years and spans five generations.

The institution operates with the belief that a school must be a place that educates and develops the whole child and provides the skills necessary for upward social mobility. The school achieves this holistic child development through such measures as personality development program, public speaking and confidence-building, and responsible global citizenship awareness.

Supplementing this is the school’s commitment to academic rigour that focuses on learning outcomes, absorption-focused education management, and indoctrination of the habit of hard work and consistency.

“We stay resolutely committed to our vision of educating and developing students as our very own, attainment of which is made possible through our values of courage, respect, optimism, creativity, and integrity,” said Ms. Wajiha Khurram, Chief Information Officer at Silver Oaks Schools & College.

“We prepare courageous children who are able to forgive, tolerate, express gratitude, and be generous. We teach them to respect time, people, environment, discipline, hard work, and perseverance in the face of challenges,” she added.

Ms. Wajiha further shared that Silver Oaks students are also brought up to be optimistic to remain focused on the positives of life. Plus, the innovative learning methods followed at Silver Oaks campuses boost the children’s creative and critical thinking for imaginative outcomes. All of this comes down to integrity which, she adds, the school encourages its students to demonstrate in their all dealings, words, and commitments.

“Children are the future’s greatest resource and we believe that our most valuable contribution to the community and our world is through developing an enlightened future generation,” said Mr. Hassan Sattar, MD & CEO of Silver Oaks International Education Services (SOIES).

“The safety, care, and education of young children mould their self-esteem and equip them with the ability to find love, happiness, and success that last forever. During these formative years, the social, physical, and intellectual functioning of the child is unified,” he added.

It is pertinent to note that Mr. Sattar won the coveted ‘Top 100 Education Leaders 2019’ award by the Global Forum for Education & Learning (GEFL) at The Education Conference 2019 Dubai.

The commitment of Silver Oaks Schools and College to academic excellence is reflected in the many awards and recognition that the institution has to its credit. For its contributions to the field of global education, Silver Oaks was recognized as one of the ‘Top 50 Education Enterprises’ in 2019 by the Global Forum for Education & Learning (GEFL) at The Education Conference 2019 Dubai.

The school is also the recipient of the Global Educational Supplies & Solutions (GESS) Award 2015-16 for Outstanding Contribution in Education.

The institution holds the record of maximum awards won by a school worldwide with forty British Council International School Awards (ISA) to its name between 2015 and 2019. It also held number one Worldwide Federal Board Ranking with a 6.0 GPA for 3 consecutive years from 2016 till 2018 and remained in the top 10 in previous years. The institution has had consecutive A-1 results in S.S.C since 2011.

As part of its expansion program, Silver Oaks Schools & College has set up new Pre and Primary campuses in Lahore, Gujrat, Gujranwala, and Sialkot. For these new branches, the school has announced a special first-year offer where newly enrolled students will avail 100% tuition fee waiver for the months of June and July, 2020. For registrations, parents can visit these new campuses from Feb 20 till Feb 29, 2020.

The waiver comes as part of the institution’s mission of developing enlightened leadership through affordable education and its relentless, century-old commitment to consistent academic excellence coupled with strong personality-building and defined values.

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