Shahid Afridi Makes the Nation Proud

Star all-rounder, Shahid Afridi is a great human being owing to his philanthropic activities and humanitarian services. The former Pakistan captain has responded to the request of a gold medalist athlete to help her parents.

Sajida Bibi, a differently-abled athlete, won gold medals in the tennis event at Special Olympics in 2019. She cannot speak, however, she has made Pakistan proud at the international stage with her tennis skills.

In a video message, Sajida Bibi’s mother urged Shahid Afridi to help them with their financial issues. In the video, which is being circulated on different social media platforms, her mother asked Afridi to arrange a job for her and her husband so that they can continue making a respectable living.

Here’s the video:

It took only a few hours for Afridi to take note of the appeal and pledge his personal support for Sajida’s family. He said that although his foundation caters to health, education, and water, he will take care of the matter within two days.

The cricketer also appreciated Sajida’s services for the country, saying that she is a source of pride for the nation.

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