Pakistani Legend Comes Out in Support of Virat Kohli After NZ Fiasco

Former Pakistan captain, Inzamam-ul-Haq, has come out in support of Virat Kohli, after India’s drubbing in Test series at the hands of New Zealand.

India, the number 1 Test team, suffered a whitewash in the two-Test match series against New Zealand. Kohli managed to score 2, 19, 3, and 14 against the Kiwis averaging just 9.50 in the series.

Critics have slammed Kohli for his recent batting displays and suggested him to change his technique. However, Inzamam thinks otherwise.


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Inzamam argued that how can you question a player’s technique who has 70 international centuries to his name.

A lot of people are talking about Kohli’s technique and so on. I am amazed by all this talk. He has scored 70 centuries in international cricket, how can you question his technique.

Inzamam also said that the entire Indian team is not performing well and it is unfair to single out Kohli.

The team is not performing. If Kohli is failing, what about the other players? This is just part and parcel of the game and it should be accepted in that particular way.

Inzamam added that there are always times like this when a player cannot score runs despite his best efforts.

As a cricketer, I can say that players will encounter a phase when despite his best efforts, runs do not come. (Mohammad) Yousuf had a high backlift, it used to come from the gully. When his bad form came, people started questioning his technique. Whenever he came to me, I told him you have scored so many runs with the same technique.

Inzamam remains optimistic that Kohli will come back stronger than ever as the dip in form is nothing but temporary.

No need to worry, this phase will pass. Don’t even want to talk about technique. Virat should not change his technique, he is a strong-minded player, and he should not be hassled. He will make a strong comeback.

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