Sony is Working On This Odd Looking Smartphone

The name of Sony Mobiles, a division that was known for making one of the most innovative Smartphones with incredible displays, has slowly started to fade away from the market.

With the saturation of high-end smartphones in the market, the mid-range and the entry-level market remain relatively unexplored by some big names in the industry. And Sony might be planning to change that soon, as an entry-level smartphone was leaked recently.

Sony S20A

The rumored S20A was certified on TENNA, China’s regulatory authority. The specifications mentioned on TENNA’s website do not reveal too much about the device, but from the photos and the few specifications that were shared, we can safely say that it is going to be an entry-level smartphone.

The S20A is rumored to have a 5.45-inch 480×960 screen but with relatively thick dimensions (150.8×72.8×12.5mm).

There’s a triple camera setup on the back of the phone, as seen from the photos, along with the LED flash. There’s no fingerprint scanner seen here so if the S20A does equip one, a fingerprint scanner on the power button is much more plausible than being under the display. Although the thin buttons says otherwise so most likely this phone won’t have a fingerprint scanner at all.

A front-facing camera is also spotted along with the huge bezels that it comes with. And it looks like it will retain the headphone jack.

The battery is a generous 4,000mAh unit and with the midrange specifications, this will most likely be the highlight of the device.

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