This Japanese Gaming Bed is Made for The Couch Potato

Bauhutte is a Japanese retailer known for producing a wide variety of standard gaming furniture including desks, chairs, accessories and much more. However, they have now added an all-new one of a kind item to their portfolio, a gaming bed.

This ultimate gaming bed combines a raised headrest, a giant pillow for back support, sideboards, attached desks, and snack trollies to make sure gamers never have to leave their beds.


Couch Potato Bauhutte

The main desk at the front can be used to prop up multiple monitors along with a sound system, put down accessories at the sides, or even keep drinks around in the attached cup holders. There are additional sideboards, shelves, and trollies around the bed to place additional accessories and hoard on snacks, and all of them are easily movable with attached wheels.

There is also a phone/tablet holder next to the headrest to help watch Netflix, YouTube, etc while lying down. The blanket included with the bed is no ordinary blanket either. It is being advertised as a “gamer” blanket that is extremely lightweight so gamers can easily move around.



There is, of course, a hefty price tag attached too. The gaming bed combined with all of its products and accessories costs $1048, but each attachment can also be purchased separately along with a wide variety of others on the company’s website.

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