PTA Seeks Assistance from Telecom Experts & Consultancy Firms

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is seeking the expertise of individual telecom experts and consultancy firms that will provide expertise to authority on various fields of the ICT sector in the future.

The rapid advances in telecommunications and constant evolution in the market leads the industry to adapt to changing circumstances in order to have a profound effect on the economy and society and to be on pace with the international market trends. Therefore, the expertise is sought on, technical advancements and technology innovations in telecommunications, in order to help PTA to regulate these dynamic markets.


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The economic analysis and expert advice, built on economic theory and a deep understanding of telecommunications technology innovations may help better understand the factors driving change and affecting the competitive environment. Furthermore, the experts will advise on various functions and fields of PTA to set goals and to implement the best strategies to meet its objects.

The major areas of specializations include technology roadmap for the formation of the strategies of the market, telecom licensing strategy, spectrum planning & management, numbering plans and allocation.

In this regard, the authority will hire individual telecom experts and consultancy firms with minimum experience of 10 years of with proven/track record of the development of similar products of a specialized area of expertise.

The consultant will work on assessing the organizational development needs through learning need assessment which must include but not limited to the training of employees along with the improvements in performance appraisal system.

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