Google Launches a Coronavirus Information Website

Last week, President Donald Trump announced that Google is making a COVID-19 screening website for US citizens. Later it was revealed that it was actually one of Google’s sister websites Verily that did so for patients willing to get diagnosed around the country.

However, Google has now also launched a website dedicated to information for coronavirus. The search engine giant has said that they’ve worked with “relevant agencies and authorities” to roll out the website which provides education, prevention and local sources related to COVID-19.



The website is only available in English right now but Google says that they will be rolling out more language support soon including Spanish. The website prioritizes readability by using large and prominent fonts everywhere.

It not only includes health and safety tips and resources against COVID-19 but also provides plenty of content to help live a healthy and active life in quarantine. There is a plethora of videos related to home education, work from home, cooking by yourself, exercise and a variety of other content to help live in isolation.

search engine

search engine giant

Google also released a statement with the launch of its website that promises to update it constantly as more resources become available. They are also working on making the website more accessible and easy to use for everyone around the globe.

According to a statement by Google:

Along with our other products and initiatives, we hope these resources will help people find answers to the questions they’re asking and get the help they need.

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