Watch 80 minutes of never-before-seen ‘Seinfeld’ bloopers that turned up online

  • A newly discovered collection of 80 minutes of Seinfeld bloopers that most people have never seen before is now available to watch on YouTube.
  • All 180 episodes of the classic NBC sitcom starring Jerry Seinfeld will air on Netflix starting in 2021.
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Maintaining our sanity is going to be so important in the days and weeks ahead as the fight against the coronavirus continues and we all remain hunkered down at home to cut down on the community spread of the virus.

Listening to music, playing video games, and watching TV and movies will hopefully help everyone keep their spirits up — and it’s along those lines that more than an hour of Seinfeld bloopers that most people have never seen before has just been rediscovered. The YouTuber who posted those bloopers, which you can watch in the clip above, explains in the description box associated with the video that they come from a DVD he found at a flea market.

He talks a little more about the comedic discovery there:

“It had a clearly homemade DVD cover, and an unmarked DVD inside. The video quality is pretty lousy, but most of these bloopers didn’t make into the official Seinfeld DVD blooper reels. For some mysterious reason, YouTube has disabled comments to this video. Sorry! This video was ripped from a DVD produced in 2000, and consists of unseen bloopers and outtakes from many seasons of Seinfeld. I suspect this DVD was a bootleg copy of a Seinfeld blooper disc distributed to the cast & crew soon after the series ended.”

As a reminder, all 180 episodes of Seinfeld will debut on Netflix beginning in 2021. “Seinfeld is the television comedy that all television comedy is measured against,” Netflix content officer Ted Sarandos said in a statement at the time the deal was announced. “It is as fresh and funny as ever and will be available to the world in 4K for the first time. We can’t wait to welcome Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer to their new global home on Netflix.”

While shows like The Office and Friends arguably have more hardcore fans, Netflix certainly realizes the importance of having familiar content that subscribers enjoy watching many times over. Binge sessions are especially perfect for shows with short episodes that span long seasons. Moreover, securing the rights to Seinfeld was unquestionably a huge win for Netflix, even though the show has been off the air for more than 20 years at this point and can easily be found in syndication.

It’s also a win for the average viewer. As we noted above, the coronavirus is inexorably wrecking so much of our daily lives and routines at the moment that little sparks of joy will be all the more important, whenever and wherever we can find them.

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