Xiaomi Passes Huawei to Become Third Biggest Phone Maker in February 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has hit smaller companies and multinational tech giants alike. However, despite the outbreak, Xiaomi managed to dethrone Huawei to become the third biggest phone maker in February.

Global smartphone shipments fell drastically in February 2020. Huawei shipped only 5.5 million Smartphones and Xiaomi managed to score 6 million in the same month. Both these numbers, however, were significantly lower when compared to January where Huawei sold 12.2 million and Xiaomi sold 10 million.

Huawei sold 70% fewer phones in February, whereas Xiaomi only suffered a loss of 30% in shipments. As for the total number of global shipments, there was a 39% decline as compared to 2019.

Xiaomi Surpasses Huawei Third Largest Smartphone Brand

Xiaomi Surpasses Huawei Third Largest Smartphone Brand

Samsung still stands at first place with 18.2 million devices shipped in February and Apple stayed at the second spot with 10.2 million. Oppo secured 5th place with 4 million units and Vivo came in 6th with 3.6 million shipments. All companies in the top 6 suffered significant losses in February.

It is not only the coronavirus outbreak that is to blame for Huawei’s loss but also the lack of Google apps and services in the company’s latest phones that are driving fans away. Meanwhile, other companies such as Xiaomi are continuing to push out high-end phones with aggressive pricing, giving Huawei a run for its money.

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