ISPs, LL Operators Excluded from Essential Services During Sindh Lockdown

Sindh government, in its directions issued earlier today, didn’t include internet service providers and local loop operators in list of essential services that will be allowed to operate during lock down in the province.

Decision, which we believe was a mistake and will be revisted as soon as it’s notified to the concerned authorities, can force companies like multinet, Wateen, worldcall, StormFiber, Transworld etc. to cease their operations in the province.

It maybe recalled that Sindh government has announced a 15 days long lockdown in the province to contain the spread of Coronavirus. During this period, all but essential services will remain closed.

Not to mention, the list of essential services that can keep operating during lock down has PTCL, cellular services and NTC included, indicating that government wanted ISPs and LL Operators to remain operational but couldn’t identify the specific term used for them.

Here is the part of notification that mentions list of essential services:

cellular services


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