SCO Is Sparing No Efforts to Serve Customers & Help the Fight Against Coronavirus

As it continues to change lives for the worse in every aspect, the coronavirus outbreak is making us revisit our approach to how we study, work, and get things done. It’s making us question ourselves why, in spite of all the technology and tools being available, we’ve been sticking to the conventional ways of performing most of the routine jobs. Only now when the cities are facing partial lockdowns as a result of COVID-19 pandemic are the academic institutions and workplaces making the move to the digital and online solutions.

With more people working and studying from home today than ever before on such a large scale, internet and digital services providers have a greater role to play than in the past. Ensuring seamless connectivity for the masses so their lives and livelihoods carry on uninterruptedly is putting additional pressure on the internet and telecom companies. Only a few service providers are effectively and proactively catering to this sudden increase in demand for heavier data volumes of home users, SCO being one of them.

Special Communication Organization (SCO), the leading telecom operator in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K) and Gilgit Baltistan (GB), is leading the way in ramping up its services to better cater to the changing needs of its subscribers during the present crisis. The company is taking multiple measures on the services, awareness, and communications front to give subscribers a better value for money while spreading the word about the disease to help curtail its spread.

100% Increase in Data Volumes

In an unprecedented move, SCO has announced a huge 100% increase in data volumes of all its packages for AJ&K and GB subscribers. All of the daily, weekly, monthly packages offered by SCO including the Super Card Gold package now come with double the data at the same old prices. The move will accommodate the heightened demand for more data incurring no additional expense to the subscribers. The step is aimed at helping customers stay connected and continue their studies and work from the safety of their homes during the outbreak situation.


Government of Pakistan



Awareness Campaign for Subscribers

SCO is sparing no efforts to achieve its Comprehensive Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility Strategy that closely focuses on supporting the public sector and shouldering public health initiatives. Reaffirming that commitment, SCO has already begun to spread awareness messages to its subscribers via SMS and the company’s social media channels. The messages include warnings, preventive measures, safety guides and protocols, and general education about the virus and its spread patterns.

Educating the Employees on COVID-19

In addition to the awareness campaign for the public, SCO has also started an in-house awareness campaign where it is educating the employees on how to make the workplace safe for themselves and colleagues. The campaign comprises sessions on educating employees about the importance of hygiene and social distancing that are the only effective tools against the deadly and highly contagious COVID-19. The company affirms its utmost commitment to implementing instructions and precautionary measures outlined by the Government of Pakistan to contribute to fighting the spread of the disease.

Continuation of Services Despite Dropped Sales

Despite the downtick of sales and expected lockdowns, SCO will ensure that all of its products and services remain available to its customers at all its CSCs. SCO has also assured to work closely with its partners to sustain services and systems in these challenging times. The efforts are a testament to the commitment that SCO has to serve its customers to the best of its capacity at all times.

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SCO Is Sparing No Efforts to Serve Customers & Help the Fight Against Coronavirus

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