BMW & Mercedes Have Heartwarming Messages for Their Fans [Video]

Over a billion people across the world are in lockdown as countries are trying to grapple with the coronavirus.

The reason behind the lockdowns is to help slow the spread of the virus which is being implemented in a bid to “flatten the curve”. Now, we have seen the German car giants BMW and Mercedes-Benz post messages on their social media pages in which they have asked the people to stay inside as well as thank the people operating on the front-lines against the virus.

In a heartwarming message, BMW tweeted a short-video along with a message saying “We’ve made living engineering machines that can handle every curve thrown their way. But the curve ahead is like none we’ve ever seen before. Let’s redefine “keeping a safe distance” & #FlattenTheCurve”.

On the other hand, Mercedes have thanked the people for staying in as well as the people who are still working. They tweeted, “Thanks to everyone giving their best.”

We would love to see the local car makers join in as well. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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