Xiaomi Reveals Smart Water Dispenser With Instant Hot Water & Filtration System

The Morfun Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser is the latest product to join in on Xiaomi’s prolonged list of crowdfunded products and its available for only $70 on the Youpin website.

Morfun Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Morfun Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Similar to the rest of Xiaomi’s crowdfunded products, the Morfun Hot Water Dispenser also features a minimalist design that is not too bulky, making it easy to use both indoors and outdoors. It uses a double-layer integrated design which removes the need of holding the cup while it is being filled.

The refillable water bottle is kept in an internal compartment just like regular water dispensers. The door for this compartment also has room for additional bottles or cups.

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Instant hot water dispenser

The dispenser is able to heat up the water in just 3 seconds eliminating the hassle of having to stand around and wait for it. It comes with a touchscreen at the top that includes several heating modes. Additionally, the dispenser can also be controlled remotely via WiFi through the Mijia app. This app also shares regular water drinking reminders.

As for cleanliness, the dispenser comes with a built-in storage layer and HEPA fine filter air vents all of which are built using food cleanliness and safety standards. It is even able to clear out all the pipes automatically to keep it clean for long term use.

The Morfun Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser will be available for $70 once it goes on sale by the end of April.

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