PTCL Enables ‘Work from Home’ for Its Contact Centers Workforce Across Pakistan

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While the world collectively faces the growing challenge of Coronavirus, it is the need of the hour to somehow stay connected. The urge to stay updated with news and know what is going on around us in our cities is also increasing. Along with this, connectivity has become crucial nowadays to work and somehow maintain one’s sanity.

In just a few days, we have been pushed to adapt to the new ways of living with lockdown being announced and social distancing being advocated. To put it plainly, staying home is not as easy as one would imagine, and it has definitely taken an emotional toll on quite a few of us. Under such conditions, having a seamless internet with good customer care service, is the only solution whether it’s for work, entertainment or managing kids at home.

To curtail the spread of Coronavirus, Pakistan as a nation is preparing itself by undergoing major transformative changes to minimize public interaction and movement as the government has implemented a lockdown in major parts of the country.

Under these circumstances, each company that is a service provider is trying its best to maintain business continuity and support its customers by taking an innovative approach using various communication tools, techniques and available channels to facilitate them in every way possible.

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For this purpose, PTCL has also enabled ‘Work from home’ for its contact center workforce. The company has devised a strategy where approx. 950 Contact Center staff and 264 Service Support Center team members will be available for assistance and will utilize PTCL’s digital platforms as well as its helpline 1218, without physically going to the office.

This will help in maintaining social distance for the safety of both its employees and customers. It is currently the largest home-based workforce assigned in Pakistan to serve the needs of the customers digitally.

The customers can register complaints, access billing information and enquire about new connections & services, amongst others, without visiting the service centers in person. All they have to do is either call on the helpline 1218 or access the digital platforms through PTCL Website, [email protected], Complaint Registration and Self-Care Portal, should there be any need of service request or a query.

For further facilitation, PTCL customers can download, PTCL Touch App to pay bills, complaints registration & status, services/products related information, etc.

PTCL also has multiple online digital bill payment options available for its customers, which are mentioned below.

With the ongoing crisis, it is heartening to see organizations like PTCL take such prompt action for the ease and convenience of its users. The digital evolution of the country should be a source of pride and a ray of hope for all of us in these trying times, where we can remain connected even at home.

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