Devs Find a Way to Boost Redmi K30 Pro’s Refresh Rate to 80 Hz

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Redmi launched its highly anticipated K series flagship killer, the K30 Pro, earlier this week. However, much to consumer’s disappointment, the smartphone, unlike the base variant, does not offer a 120 Hz refresh rate. It doesn’t even offer a 90 Hz refresh rate; instead, the Chinese OEM opted for a mere 60 Hz refresh rate.

According to the OEM, the main reason behind opting for a lower refresh rate was better battery life and higher screen quality.


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To help the users get over the disappointment, developers have come up with an unofficial software tweak that can bump up the refresh rate to 80 Hz.

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Redmi official

If you are planning to go ahead with the software tweak, keep in mind that this will lead to voiding the warranty. To bump up the refresh rate, you will have to root your device, which, according to a Redmi official, is quite risky. Not to mention the hardware strain that comes with overclocking the display.


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The developers warn that bumping the refresh rate via unofficial means will reduce the overall lifespan of the display panel as well. This is similar to overclocking the processor’s core frequency. Hence, it might cause the display panel to stop functioning optimally or break down entirely. However, in most cases overclocked hardware continues to work normally with careful use.

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