Xiaomi Unveils Affordable Smart Electric Bikes With Built-in Cameras!


Xiaomi’s ecological chain company 70mai, following the electric vehicles trend, has launched the 70mai A1 and A1 Pro Smart Electric Scooters. The company is well known for its wide range of car accessories, including a dashboard camera, smart rearview mirrors, and others.


Aesthetically, both the e-scooters look alike; the main difference lies in the specifications. The scooters are designed to be lightweight and durable. They only weigh 55 kgs, which is why they recently won the German iF Design Award 2020.

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The e-bikes come with a square-shaped LED headlight that, according to the company, has a wide illumination range. The tail light is located just below the seat such that the visibility of the bike to rear traffic is increased.


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The seating area is made using a one-piece cushion treated for waterproofing and antifouling. It comes with 14-inch vacuum tires with a 4PR structure that provides 160mm ground clearance.

The chassis of the bike is constructed using cold-rolled steel pipe and Q195 carbon steel to ensure high durability.

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Affordable Recliner/Massage Chair


The bikes are equipped with a brushless DC motor that, according to the manufacturer, ensures quick and smooth starting. According to the Chinese standard for e-bikes, the maximum speed of the vehicle is limited to 25km/h.


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Both the bikes use lithium batteries with support for fast charging. They can be fully charged in 7.5 hours. The 70mai A1 provides a range of 60 km on one charge while the 70mai A1 Pro boats a 70 km range.

As for brakes, the bikes feature a disc brake system on the front and a drum brake system at the back. It also has a motorcycle-level shock absorption system.


The key feature of both the bikes is the 6.86-inch smart central control screen that comes with support for XiaoAI smart voice control. The display allows users to control the bike via various touch and voice commands.

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On top of showing parameters such as speed and battery power, the display also comes with built-in music and radio applications. It also features a customized version of the MIJIA app to control all the smart products.

The bike can also connect to your phone, which allows you to view call reminders as well as navigation on display. For security, the bike comes with a “Find my bike” function through the MIJIA app.


Yes! The bike comes with a camera. At the front of the bike, 70mai has installed a high-definition camera that supports 1080P shooting and a 130 ° wide-angle. It comes with a built-in memory card that can save up to 90 minutes of 1080P video. Apart from this, the camera also comes with support for parking monitoring.

Pricing and Availability

Currently, the bikes are being crowdfunded, after this, the A1 will cost $522, and the A1 Pro will set users back by $663.

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