WHO is Making an Exclusive COVID-19 Information App

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The World Health Organisation (WHO), the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a number of other major organizations have been actively providing reliable resources relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WHO has now developed a smartphone app to provide reliable self diagnose, assistance, alerts, and news to keep us safe and informed during the global crisis. The new app is called “WHO MyHealth” and was proposed by a team of volunteers that are calling themselves the “WHO COVID App Collective”.

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention


The team responsible for creating the app consists of former Google and Microsoft employees and a number of industry experts. The app is set to roll out on iOS and Android later today and is built using an open-source model to provide transparency.

The app will offer notification alerts and tools that could help patients self-diagnose to see if their symptoms match with COVID-19. Additionally, future versions of the app will also be able to access patient location data to keep an eye on the pandemic’s footprint and timely region-based warnings.

However, given the obvious privacy concerns over sharing location data, it remains to be seen whether the feature will actually make it to the app. The app will not track people until they explicitly allow it to do so and the main purpose of the app will only be to provide self-diagnose and updates.

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