BAIC Shares a Video Message on Facebook for Pakistanis [Video]


The world is in the midst of a pandemic and as societies all over the world try and grapple with it, we have seen multiple car makers join the fight as they step up to help. From helping manufacture medical equipment to joining hands in a bid to boost healthcare, it has been heartwarming to see!

Initially, the local car makers shut down their plants to comply with the lockdown notifications issued by the provinces and then there were reports that the Pakistan Auto Parts Association had written a letter to the relevant authorities offering to help in producing medical equipment.


Local Auto Part Manufacturers Offer to Make Ventilators

Now, the new kid on the block, Sazgar BAIC, have posted a message on their social media pages asking people to practice social distancing as a way to help prevent the spread of the disease.

This is actually nice to see that companies are playing their part and we hope this is just the beginning and older players also do their best to nform the public ith such messages!


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You can see the video below:

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