Zalmi Foundation Donates Rs. 10 Million to National Corona Relief Fund


Javed Afridi, CEO of Peshawar Zalmi, Zalmi Foundation, and Haier, has announced a donation of Rs. 10 million for the National Corona Relief Fund.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, during an address to the nation against Coronavirus last night, announced the establishment of a national fund to strengthen the coordinated efforts against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to his official Twitter account to announce the donation, Javed Afridi said that he firmly believes in the leadership of Imran Khan who is capable of steering Pakistan out of the crisis.

On behalf of the Zalmi Foundation, I announce a donation of Rs.10 million to the Corona Relief Fund, set up by the Prime Minister, with the hope & confidence that every man of Pakistan can lead the nation’s success in this war at a time of great difficulty.

Previously, Haier announced to donate 50,000 face masks to frontline medical workers who are tending to the Coronavirus patients without sufficient protective gear.

Both Peshawar Zalmi and Zalmi Foundation are also actively advocating self-isolation during government enacted lockdown with video messages from star players urging the masses to stay at home and undertake precautionary measures.

Coronavirus has infected 1,872 people and killed 26 so far in Pakistan. Around 70 people have been discharged from quarantine after they tested negative twice.

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