Facebook Wants You to Take Care of Your Neighbors


As a part of its safety check feature to connect disaster victims, Facebook launched a Community Help tool in 2017. Now, amidst the global pandemic, the social media platform has decided to expand the feature such that people in a neighborhood can request and offer assistance to each other.

Currently, the expanded Community Help Tool has been rolled out to the US, UK, France, Australia, and Canada. Other countries will get it by the end of the next week.

To access the feature, you can visit the coronavirus information center at the top of the NewsFeed. You can also head to the community help section directly and look for or offer help. The platform has also added new features such as filtering the results and categorizations to make looking for help and helping the community easier. Individuals will be allowed to publicly as well as privately respond to posts.

For privacy reasons, the tool does not rely on users posting their locations. Instead, only see the distance between parties is available.

A similar feature was announced by Nextdoor, a social networking app designed around local communities, two weeks ago. However, considering how large of a user base Facebook has, the platform’s community help feature will hopefully have a much larger reach.

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