Govt is Making a COVID-19 App for Journalists

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Firdous Ashiq Awan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Media and Broadcasting, in a recent statement, announced an application designed specifically for the media personnel. The application named “COVID-19 Care for Media” will be launched today at the information ministers’ video conference on the direction of the Prime Minister.

Further details regarding the application were shared on her official twitter account. Pakistani journalists can register themselves and their families via the application. This way, they can directly report any COVID-19 related cases and get any assistance they need. She continued that the prime minister is seriously concerned for the well-being and safety of media personnel. The details are explained in the following tweet.

On top of providing a timely facility to journalists, the application will also help in determining the correct number of affected people as it is designed to collect real-time data.

Apart from this, the video press conference scheduled to be held later in the day will discuss issues related to safety, precautions, final strategy to pay dues to media houses as well as the mechanism for distribution of protective kits among journalists and media workers who already have and will visit infectious places for coverage.

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