Coronavirus cases worldwide just topped 1 million


  • The number of coronavirus cases world just hit a staggering record, surpassing 1 million on Thursday.
  • This, as states around the US continue preparing for their peak of cases and deaths, many of which aren’t estimated to come for at least another week or two.
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The number of coronavirus cases worldwide just hit a staggering milestone as of Thursday afternoon, with the number of confirmed cases globally topping 1 million.

That’s according to a compilation of the official statistics by Newsbreak, which aggregates numbers from official sources like the CDC and World Health Organization. It’s a sobering record now set by the virus that not only has yet to slow down in the US — many states are still at least a week or more from hitting their estimated peak numbers of cases and deaths.

New York City, the epicenter of the crisis in the US, is still desperately ramping up for its biggest surge in cases as its coronavirus peak draws near.


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