UK’s 5 Year Old Kid’s Letter to Babar Azam is Breaking the Internet


Babar Azam has made a huge fan base across the world in a short time thanks to his classy batting in all formats of the game. Wherever he goes, people fall in love with him, not just because of his cricket, but because he’s a great human being.

His stint with Somerset County Cricket Club last year helped him make a huge number of fans in the United Kingdom, including a 5-year-old Oscar. Babar Azam is his favorite batsman and he loves him so much that he’s even written an essay for him.


Here’s a Glimpse of Babar Azam’s Record-Breaking Stint in England

Somerset’s official Twitter handle posted the letter with the caption:

Babar Azam: The hero of millions including 5-year-old Oscar who sent in this.

Here’s what the letter reads:

Babar Azam is my favorite cricket player. He was born in Pakistan and he is 25. I met him after my operation on my feet. He was kind to me. He is the best 2020 batsman. He’s the captain of Pakistan. He hits big sixes and one day I saw [him hitting sixes].

Babar was quick to respond to the little fellow, thanking the ‘rockstar’ for his kind note.

What are your thoughts on the kid’s letter? Let us know in the comments.

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