Here’s What Can Happen to Your Bike During Coronavirus Lockdown


The coronavirus pandemic shows no sign of abating with the number of people being infected globally crossing 1 million and over 50,000 fatalities. In Pakistan, we have seen the number of cases cross 2500 with 37 people losing their lives.

The virus has laid waste to the global economy with multiple sectors in hot water, with the local industries affected by it as well. In the past few weeks, we have been looking at the various ways the coronavirus has impacted the auto industry and what they are doing to counter it. We have looked at it on a personal level as well with how you can help prevent its spread, the steps to take if you are going to go into quarantine and the impact it will have on your car.

Interestingly, most of these articles have been focused on cars but that is about to change as we will be looking at the impact on your motorbike, if it is parked for far too long and what can be done to prevent that.


The same thing as a car, if your bike is parked under the sun, it will lead to the first layer of the coating being damaged which will eventually lead to the second layer bubbling and chipping away. Once that starts, the process will continue and you might have to get a new coat of paint on your bike.

To help prevent this, park your bike under the shade.

Seals and Gaskets

If your bike is parked for a long while and isn’t used it can lead to the seals and gaskets becoming brittle which could potentially break and drain the fluids. We would suggest that once every few days you drive your bike as it will help keep the seals tight and prevent them from breaking.


This is a common issue found in almost all vehicles and the same is the case here as your bike’s battery will drain away over time. If your bike is old, it will drain faster and we suggest that you drive your bike to help keep the battery in shape.


This one is for people living in cold or humid areas, water can get into your bike’s carburetor and engine. The only way to deal with this one is by covering up your motorcycle and keeping it in a dry place.


When we did this article for cars, we talked about the possibility of condensation and to avoid it by keeping the tank full. It is slightly different in a bike because if you keep the bike parked for a while, the fuel will react to the oxygen outside and turn the fuel into a gel-like substance which will damage your fuel tank.

We suggest that you either drain the fuel completely or add a fuel stabilizer.


Just like in cars, rust is also likely to form here with the moisture in the air or if the water you wash your bike with is salty. To help prevent this, we suggest that don’t wash your bike too often, and if you wash it dry it thoroughly and keep it parked in a dry area where there is little to no moisture.


If the bike is parked for too long, the oil on the chain could dry up or dirt will gather on the chain, mixing with the oil and creating cement-like texture. This will seize the chain and prevent the bike from running and could potentially break the chain as well.

This is all from us for now, if we have missed out on anything, please let us know in the comments below.

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