Sindh Traders Alliance Announces to Open All Markets From 14th April


Sindh Traders Alliance has decided to open all markets across the province from April 14.

Sindh Traders Alliance member Sheikh Habib in a statement said that they have decided to cooperate with the Sindh government during the lockdown and have taken back their decision of opening the markets from April 6.

We have decided to cooperate with the Sindh government. So, therefore all markets across the province would now open from April 14.

All Karachi Tajir Ittehad chairman Atiq Mir had said that the complete lockdown is causing huge losses to traders.

Talking to a private television channel, he said the traders are not against the government’s decision of lockdown, but they should be allowed to work at least two or three days a week. “We are concerned about the situation of daily-wage laborers.”

Mir said that the traders are very much aware of the current situation and added that they want to see the country prosper.

Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Murad Ali Shah, soon after the Sindh Traders Alliance’s (STA) announcement to open all markets across the province from April 14, issued directives for provincial and law enforcement authorities to devise standard operating procedures (SOPs) for industries and businesses that had been allowed to operate.

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