Balochistan Waives Taxes Worth Rs.1.48 billion


The Government of Balochistan has waived various provincial taxes amounting to Rs. 1.48 billion during the current financial year to enable citizens to cope with the impacts of Covid-19.

According to a press release, the exempted taxes include sales tax on services in construction, transport and hotel sectors. The taxes have been exempted till June 30, 2020.

The government has also approved the suspension of Balochistan Infrastructure Development System.

The suspension of Balochistan Electricity Duty, motor vehicle tax for the remaining current financial year has also been approved by the cabinet to give relief to the masses and minimize the impacts of covid-19 on business activities, said a press release.

The government also approved the ongoing funding and expenditures to enhance the Coronavirus prevention and treatment facilities in the province.

Secretary Finance briefed the provincial cabinet on Coronavirus’s impacts on Balochistan economy and various sectors, added the statement.

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