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Making investments is one of the most common practices used by people around the globe to increase their money. The process is simple, you buy something which is supposed to increase in value over time and that’s basically how you make wealth.

However, it’s not as effortless as it may sound. To make the right investment there are a couple of really important factors that you must consider or you might end up wasting your money.

Things to Consider Before Making an Investment

Here’s what you need to know about your potential investment project:

  • Define Your Objective: First of all, you need to know what you’re investing for. If you’re looking to just keep your money safe, you could go for smaller options like fixed deposits. But if your goal is to earn huge amounts of profits, then real estate will be your best friend.
  • Know Your Finances: Before you decide to invest, calculate how much money you have and if it’s really available for keeping aside for a certain amount of time. Ideally, you should just make investments with your spare money.
  • Evaluate Your Risk: Knowing what’s at stake is as important as making the decision to invest. Decide if you’re ready to risk for what it’s worth.
  • Consult an Expert: Take some professional advice before you make your investment. For example, if you’re investing in real estate, you could consult a real estate advisor who’s been in the business for some time. They will guide you of the details involved in the process and save you from a lot of unnecessary hassle.
    You can schedule a free consultation with Graana.com real estate experts to guide you through various real estate investment opportunities that are not only safe but also provide high returns. 

Benefits of Investing in Property

The Real Estate Business is by far the most popular investment industry especially in the Pakistani market and why won’t it be? Real Estate stands out as one of the safest and most beneficial investment opportunities with the highest percentage of monetary returns!

  • Complete Ownership: When you buy a property, you literally own it. With full payments, you get to have the property immediately transferred in your name be it a plot, a house, a commercial unit or an apartment.
  • Revenue Generation: You can always rent out your property and make it a regular source of income for yourself. While residential units have a lower percentage of rental income, they are more stable as compared to commercial property, where you can earn a higher amount of rental income but will also have to pay for higher taxes. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for both types of property owners.
  • Property Appreciation: The monetary value of Real Estate Property is always meant to increase over time which makes it the most profitable among investment types.

Best Investment Solutions – Only At Graana.com

Ever since its conception, Graana.com has pledged to come up with the best investment solutions for all our respective clients. Being the smartest property portal of Pakistan, we take pride in revolutionizing the real estate industry of Pakistan. Not only that but we also let you enjoy:

  • 20 – 26 % Guaranteed Profit: Yes, you read it right. Invest with Graana.com and avail up to 26% of guaranteed profit returns on your investments.

That means if you invest Rs.10 Million in Graana.com featured projects, your property could be worth Rs.12 Million Rupees in 12 months.

  • Money Back Guarantee: Graana.com ensures that none of your investment money goes to waste. By providing a 100% money back guarantee, it has become the safest and the most stable real estate investment podium in Pakistan.
  • The Best Buy-Back Policy: When you invest in one of the featured projects marketed by Graana.com, you get to avail the best buy-back policy ever! After a minimum of 6 months since the investment, you become eligible to claim your money. Graana.com not only promises to buy-back the property from you but also gives you both, the principal amount along with the profit for that time period.
  • Secure Investment: All the projects marketed by Graana.com are safe and secure to invest.
  • Hottest Selling Projects: All the above mentioned unique factors have only led Graana.com’s featured projects to be the investors’ favourites! Some of them got completely sold out within the first year since their launch.

Real Estate Projects That You Should Invest in Without Having Any Second Thoughts

Since there are hundreds of recently launched real estate projects available for investments in the market, choosing the right fit for you might seem like a tedious task. If like most of us, you don’t want to spend ages researching about them, we have prepared a list of the safest and most profitable malls and apartment projects for you to choose from.

Oh, and if you are staying home because of the lockdown in order to play your part in fighting the notorious Covid-19, you can schedule a virtual tour to any of the following projects at the ease of your home.

  1. Imarat Builders Mall

Located on Main G.T Road, Imarat Builders Mall is Pakistan’s first mall offering all sorts of products and services required in building any kind of property. Be it a house or a commercial plaza, Imarat Builders Mall is your one-stop shop for everything you need to get the work done.

Best Investment Solutions


Whether it’s the construction of a fresh property or a renovation job for an old one, you will get all your solutions on this mall developed on the main joint of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. At Imarat Builders Mall, you can buy building materials, sanitary fittings, kitchen accessories, flooring, furniture, lighting fixtures and more.

Here are the key features that make it speak for itself:

  • Easy buyback policy
  • Guaranteed 20-23% profit
  • 25% down payment
  • Investment starting from just Rs. 18 lac
  • Safe and secure investment
  • Fastest selling project in the twin cities
  • Easy resale
  1. Amazon Outlet Mall

Amazon Outlet Mall is a rainforest-themed mall being developed with a vision to create a fashion hub for the masses of twin cities. Pakistan’s first themed mall offers a whole lot of facilities such as restaurants, café, sauna, spa, gym, kids playing area, a library and what not!

real estate

real estate industry

There is a depiction of the aura of a rainforest with its lush green flora and aesthetics across the mall. The visitors will enjoy a world-class shopping experience at Amazon Outlet Mall. There is a spacious playing area for children and a rooftop restaurant where you can have a breathtaking view of the twin cities.

By investing in Amazon Outlet Mall, you will be able to avail the following benefits:

  • 20%+ Annual Return on Investment
  • 46-52% guaranteed profits in approximately 2 years
  • Safe and secure investment
  • Easy buyback policy
  • Investment starting from just Rs 35 lac
  1. Florence Galleria

This renaissance inspired Luxury Mall and Hotel is nothing less than an architectural wonder presented by the Imarat group of companies. It is the first luxury boutique mall in Islamabad.

Florence Galleria aims to provide a luxurious shopping experience for its visitors. Equipped with an international four-star hotel and luxury suites, it reminds you of the glorious renaissance era.

stable real estate investment podium

Best Investment Solutions

Florence Galleria offers a good deal of state of the art amenities including a Rooftop Dining Experience,  Infinity pool, International 4 star hotel, Luxury Hotel Suites, Gold Souk, Retail Shops, a Health Club and many more!

Pakistan’s first boutique mall offers you:

  • 20%+ Annual Return on Investment
  • An easy installment plan of 2.5 years
  • 25% Down Payment
  • Investment starting from just Rs 18.25 lac
  1. Mall of Arabia

The First Museum Mall of Pakistan is located on the Main Islamabad Highway. Mall of Arabia is a modern depiction of traditional Arab architecture. It is set to provide a matchless experience to all its visitors and residents.


real estate

The mall provides many exemplary amenities such as Themed Food Court, Opulent Interior, Open Air Theatre, Luxury Suites, Exclusive Office Spaces, Fashion Floor and Exhibition Area and a lovely Indoor Children’s Play Area.

Mall of Arabia features the following:

  • 20 – 26% guaranteed profits
  • Investment starting from just Rs 19 lac
  • PKR 13,500 monthly return
  • Booking with 25% down payment
  • Safe and secure investment
  • Effortless buyback policy
  • Amazing location

Want to learn more about these offerings? Graana.com’s real estate investment advisors are always there to help.

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