Sindh Govt Notifies All Universities to Follow Its 6-Point Policy for Online Classes

Amidst the lockdown, the Sindh Government’s universities and boards department has directed the Public Universities to implement the six-point policy with regards to online classes.

The notification was issued on Wednesday and has directed the vice-chancellors if 25 public universities in the province to implement a robust and efficient learning management system (LMS). Furthermore, they have been asked to create a body to monitor and confirm the feasibility of valid courses online.


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The directives have further asked the universities to impart training onto their faculty that will help them conduct courses online before the classes start and they have added that all the needed information regarding the courses and assignments must be available on LMS.

Apart from this, they have been directed to meet the demand for reading material and resolve the issues faced by students.

Multiple public and private varsities in the province have started online teaching but the students are facing multiple challenges such as lack of internet connectivity, power outages and others.

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