Telenor Steps Up Its Contribution to Pakistan to Cope With Covid-19

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the world is experiencing, in many cases, the complete upheaval of daily life. Pakistan is navigating new ways of educating children, running businesses, maintaining critical societal functions, all while trying to ensure the health and welfare of those affected.

Telenor is stepping up its contribution to Pakistan with several initiatives to help frontline workers, authorities, business and individuals to fight the effects of the Coronavirus.

Telenor is committed to connecting societies to what matters most, and in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this has never been more important. The world is now experiencing the complete upheaval of daily life where societies are navigating new ways of educating children, running businesses, maintaining critical societal functions, all while trying to ensure the health and welfare of those affected.

Today, Telenor is at the forefront with contributions and initiatives to support and uplift the society while fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Telenor is contributing through a number of ways towards empowering Pakistan through this challenging time.

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Secure & reliable networks ensuring seamless connectivity throughout Pakistan

Telenor Pakistan’s technology and sales teams have re-shaped their way of work to ensure the provision of uninterrupted mobile communication services and products while keeping millions across the country connected. With the increasing load on networks due to the crisis, field teams continue to work 24/7 being acquainted with desired preventive measures and safety kits to help them continue with necessary tasks.

Spreading awareness to educate masses

Telenor Pakistan has encouraged the people to stay at home and maintain social distancing in the current scenario. Using social media platforms, Telenor Pakistan not only carried COVID-19 awareness under #TelenorSathHai campaign but is also effectively running a campaign on precautionary measures of COVID1-19 as its national responsibility.

It also introduced free call to Govt COVID helpline 1166 and actively supported to disseminate bulk measures to create awareness and fight against coronavirus.

Telenor is the only operator in Pakistan which changed the network name to ‘StayHome’ for reaching potential users in the best possible way. My Telenor App is also updated with the live coronavirus information section to spread the word. Awareness, information and advisories regarding Coronavirus are also shared via our mAgri platforms including Khushaal Zamindar and Khushaal Nama.

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Affordable and relevant solutions for the masses

Playing an active role to ensure its 46 million customers stay connected during these challenging times, Telenor Pakistan is providing free first Telenor to Telenor call of the day, extended recharge validity, economized balance sharing, emergency Telenor to Telenor minutes in case the user runs out of balance, free WhatsApp and customer self-service platform to serve its customers better.

It also has multiple channels for digital recharge including My Telenor App, Easypaisa app, mobile banking apps and Daraaz.

The importance of staying connected cannot be overstated in these times and Telenor Pakistan is making it possible for its customers to stay home and stay connected with their loved ones through these services and offers.

Facilitating working from home for businesses

Businesses all across Pakistan are going through a challenging time due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. To facilitate the Pakistani business community during this hour of need and to ensure business continuity, Telenor Business has launched ‘Business Continuity Packages’ (BCP).

The BCP initiative is designed to offer value to both existing and new customers. Under the initiative, Telenor Business launched a free of cost offer “Hum Aik Hain”. This offer is designed to support the existing corporate customers to cope with the surge in connectivity needs due to work from home arrangements without incurring any additional cost. “Hum Aik Hain” offer has 500 MBs data, 200 on-net minutes, 200 all network SMS (local) and 20 off-net minutes, all free of cost.


advisory services

Ensuring continuous growth in knowledge and skills by providing online learning platforms and training opportunities

Telenor Pakistan continues to focus on providing opportunities for learning through initiatives in wide-reaching verticals for kids, entrepreneurs and professionals.

With educational institutions coming to a standstill, Telenor Pakistan is making significant efforts in creating e-education opportunities and avenues including providing free access to a certain number of jobseekers to LinkedIn Learning platform on first come first serve basis and webinars from Telenor Velocity on design thinking skills. Telenor Velocity will also be working towards scaling edtech startups in STEM fields with increased focus on robotics.

healthcare workers

online training courses

Also, in collaboration with Ministry of IT and Virtual University, Telenor Pakistan is enabling DigiSkills Training platform which provides free skill enhancing online training courses with the ambition to equip Pakistani youth with skills for a digital economy as freelancers, online entrepreneurs and smart workers.

Since the kids are homebound as well, Telenor Pakistan’s Gamebox Kids is a gaming platform which is educating kids around the precautionary measures for COVID19 along with effectively utilizing their quarantine time in practicing math and language skills.



Enabling health assistance and protection

Telenor Pakistan has been a frontrunner in digitalizing solutions for the agriculture industry. It already has an established mAgri platform which has been providing not only advisory services for agriculture but also has health experts for the rural Pakistanis.

With COVID-19 setting into the scene, these services are even more relevant today with over 3 million Pakistanis benefiting from low cost high quality health services through Telenor Pakistan’s e-health initiatives. Khushaal Zamindaar is providing COVID-19 related health and prevention advisory services in local languages for free.

To keep updated on the stats and awareness of the situation, Khushaal Nama is providing regular updates by medical professionals. Telenor Pakistan is also providing medical consultation services through Khushaal Sehat with PMDC certified doctors who are providing medical guidance while complying with social distancing and easing the load on limited healthcare facilities especially at this time.

To provide health insurance, Khushaal Zindagi is also covering the healthcare costs incurred in treatment of COVID-19. Over the next few months, Telenor Pakistan intends to provide over 5 million Pakistanis with high quality digital health services through Khushal Insurance, Khushal Naama, Khushal Sehat and similar services.

Also, through Telenor Pakistan’s partnership with MicroEnsure, all Telenor Pakistan customers may subscribe to ‘Sehatmund’ which is a health insurance service and covers health costs incurred for COVID-19.

advisory services

healthcare workers

Assisting the Frontline Workers

With the onset of this pandemic, there has been a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) especially for the healthcare workers. It is essential for our frontline soldiers during this battle with coronavirus to be equipped and safe while fighting the disease and saving humanity.

To assist the frontline workers during this pandemic including doctors, paramedical staff, and others, Telenor Pakistan will be providing PPEs in collaboration with Pakistan Red Crescent Society in at least 13 districts. The PPEs include protective suits, medicated goggles, masks, show covers, gloves, soaps and sanitizers depending on the level of exposure.

Advanced analytics to assist the Government

During this pandemic, it is crucial for the government to identify people who are in need for assistance.

To support the government and enable health authorities and private sector to better able to reach out to the vulnerable during this pandemic, Telenor Pakistan has developed an advanced analytics system which can help segment its subscriber base on location, socioeconomic class, age group and gender. This data can be amalgamated with external data sources such as the geo locations of virus affected area to help the authorities plan and provide the required support.

These mobility and demographic insights will help government in better understanding potential need for financial and medical assistance and reaching out to deserving beneficiaries for financial aid; better understanding demand for goods and services in different locations and targeting awareness and safety campaigns based on anonymized data; and providing credit risk profiling to facilitate individuals based on their consent, and small retailers in applying to financial institutions for micro and personal loans.

The required segment can be reached out through various mediums including SMS, IVR and direct calls.



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