Top 10 shows everyone’s binge-watching right now on Netflix and TV

  • Most Americans who live anywhere near a novel coronavirus hot zone have now been in self-quarantine for at least a month, and they’re likely on the verge of exhausting the lists of shows they’ve been meaning to catch up on.
  • If that describes your situation and you’re in search of new shows to stream online or watch on TV, a good place to begin your search is with the new shows and new seasons of returning shows that everyone is watching right now.
  • In this post, you’ll find the top 10 most frequently binge-watched shows out there right now, as measured by popular TV show tracking app TV Time.
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I live right in the middle of the novel coronavirus hot zone in Bergen County, New Jersey, which means I have now been in “self-quarantine” or “sheltering in place” for more than a month now. If you’ve been isolating for that long as well, I don’t have to explain to you how difficult it can get at times. If you’re not in the same boat, you’re either irresponsible or you live in an area that hasn’t been on lockdown for that long. Unfortunately, it’ pretty safe at this point to say that you’ll soon feel our pain. The lockdowns aren’t going to end anytime soon unless we want to ensure a massive second wave of infections, so we’re going to be sheltering in our homes for at least another month at the minimum.

Some of us are lucky enough to be able to work or take classes from home, though millions of Americans don’t have that luxury. In either case, you’re still going to have a whole lot of time on your hands from staying at home so much. That means you’ve likely burned through all the TV shows and movies you’ve been meaning to catch up on, and you’re looking for new content to watch. Lucky for you, we’ve got a great resource that will help you figure out what to binge-watch next.

TV Time is a terrific smartphone app that is used by millions of iPhone and Android phone owners to keep track of all the shows they’re watching on TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, and plenty of other popular streaming services. When people track four or more episodes of a show in a single 24-hour period, TV Time views that as a binge-watching session. Then once a week, the developers behind the app use that data to tell the world which shows people are binge-watching most.

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It should surprise absolutely no one at this point that Netflix’s Money Heist retains its position as the #1 most binge-watched show this week. A new season was released recently and it’s one of Netflix’s most popular shows ever, so it’ll be on the list for a while to come. ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is # 2 this week, up from the fifth position last week, and Friends is #3. The #4 spot is occupied by another show that’s always on the list, NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Netflix’s Elite falls to the #5 spot this week.

The Office climbs two spots to #6 this week, and Community enters the list at #7, making its first appearance in quite some time. Wondering why? The answer is simple: six seasons were just released on Netflix. AMC’s The Walking Dead falls one spot to #7 this week, Ozark on Netflix drops from the six spot to #9, and How I Met Your Mother holds steady at #10 on this week’s top-10 list from TV Time.

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