Xiaomi Launches Affordable Smart Dishwashers With WiFi

Under its attempts to create a complete ecosystem based on IoT, Xiaomi just announced two models of its Smart Mijia dishwashers. The underlying technology of both models is similar; they only differ in size and prices.

The smaller one is a 4 set countertop model, while the relatively larger one is an 8 sets model that can be installed like a regular dishwasher.

8 sets Mijia Internet dishwasher

Like all other Xiaomi household appliances, the 8 sets Mijia dishwasher comes with a minimalistic design. It can hold up to 64 pieces of Tupperware and measures 500 (width) × 450 (deep) × 450 (height) mm.

Unlike other dishwashers, this one does not come with a button panel rather features an OLED knob that allows the users to choose between 9 washing modes by a simple turn and press.


Mijia Internet dishwasher

As far as the underlying technology is concerned, Xiaomi is offering high-end functionality at a lower price. As the name suggests, it comes with 8 spray arms as well as a top spray structure exclusive to high-end dishwashers.

The spray arms are equipped with 28 outlet holes and 13 outlet angles, which form a 360-degree mesh waterway interlaced cleaning the dishes from all directions.


regular dishwasher

It is currently available for sale at a $324 price tag.

4 Sets Mijia Internet dishwasher

This portable countertop dishwasher is specifically designed for maternal and child use scenarios since it comes with disinfection functions. The device comes with 6 kinds of refined washing modes, including a sterilization mode with a 99.99 percent sterilization rate. To reduce the growth of bacteria, dishes are blow-dried. The dishwasher can take 32 pieces of tableware at a time.

sets Mijia Internet dishwasher


The dishwasher comes with a patented three-way valve with several types of adaptors thanks to which it can be installed directly on the tap as well. It has 16 flushing ports that spray at the same time and rotate alternately, adopting a top spray + down spray pattern. Hence, there are no dead angles.

The 4 Sets Mijia Internet dishwasher is currently available for sale and costs $183.

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