Xiaomi’s New Device Can Remove Odor From Anything for Just $8

Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Viomi is crowdfunding yet another innovative but extremely useful device. The Viomi Deodorizer and Sterilizer are currently being crowdfunded via Youpin at just $8.

Design and Construction

As usual, Viomi did not go overboard when it comes to the design of the deodorizer and sterilizer. It looks a lot like Xiaomi’s round Bluetooth speaker. It has a small disc-like structure on the top that works as a Chlorine dioxide dispenser. When not in use, the lid can be closed.

It measures 104mm by 75mm and weighs only 100 grams. Hence, it can be used in wardrobes, shoe cabinets, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, and any other location that could accumulate odor.

Bluetoothround Bluetooth speaker


The deodorizer cum sterilizer works by dispensing Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) sterilization gas is the area around it. ClO2 is a World Health Organization (WHO) disinfectant that has several antimicrobial uses, including the disinfection of drinking water. The gas is commonly used for food disinfection, sterilization in public environments, and preservation.

The vapors dispensed by the device can eliminate common bacteria like E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. in the surrounding areas with 99.99% efficacy.

sterilization gas


As compared to disinfection liquid and disinfection powder, the Viomi deodorizer and sterilizer is safer and more versatile. It not only eliminates bacteria in the enclosed area but also eliminates mustiness and odor.

The product comes with orangish-yellow colored Chlorine gel that is circulated in the system via convection.

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