Dew Gamers Arena Brings the Battlefield Home!

A month of being socially isolated and ripped away from all the happening events of our life and the monotonous routines are frustrating us all. Everyone is perplexed in these unusual circumstances.

Surely, you can use some entertainment and thanks to Mountain Dew the answer to your boredom is here.

Online is where it’s all at and Mountain Dew is using this platform to provide an excellent opportunity for all gamers. Pakistan’s biggest gaming competition is back in action again.

All you need is a passion in gaming, a good internet connection and voila! Now you can sit at home in your PJ’s, eat your snacks and win your favourite game online!

Yes! Your favourite game, the game that took the world by a storm and became the trendiest game. PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds (PUBG) is here.

What else do you need in times like these? You and the best players against the best in the country. A chance to win it big. There are no conditions and absolutely anyone is free to join in the competition.

DGA brings the best gaming competition ever, to all your homes. After two successful events, this year the event is even bigger than before. So what if you’re unable to go out and have some fun? You can sit home and play to WIN! There are prizes worth millions of rupees lying in wait for you.

Now is the chance for you to grab the ultimate prize and become a winner. Are you ready to win it? Register right away at and make the most out of this time at home!

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