Private O, A Level Students Will Lose One Academic Year Because of Cambridge

Recently announced Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) method of evidence-based grading to mark the June 2020 exam series amidst the Coronavirus pandemic has left all private students in a quandary.

While regular students will be accorded marks for June exams through a 4-step evidence-based process, private students will have to take the November 2020 exam series in order to get their grades.


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It must be noted that private students account for 35% of the total CAIE’s enrollment in Pakistan.

According to CAIE statement, private students who have been accepted by CAIE centers and the centers’ head and staff are confident that they have witnessed adequate evidence of students’ performance will be treated in the same way as regular students.

However, private candidates who have not been taught at any of the centers will have to take November 2020, since there is a lack of evidence of their performance on which evidence-based grading can be applied to.


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However, CAIE has decided against charging students an additional exam fee for the November exams.

Almost all of the 35% private candidates have been taught at home, or applied for the exams to improve their previous grades but now they are faced with no choice but to compromise an entire academic year.

Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, Cambridge International AS & A Level, Cambridge AICE Diploma, and Cambridge Pre-U examinations for June 2020 were canceled last month after the Coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic by the WHO.

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