Strange new coronavirus symptoms have been uncovered

  • The most frequent coronavirus symptoms are also encountered in the common cold or flu, which can make it difficult to correctly diagnos if COVID-19 testing isn’t available.
  • The disease does have a few peculiar symptoms of its own like the loss of taste and smell, but also frostbite-like lesions and other dermatological problems.
  • The CDC lists “bluish lips or face” as an emergency warning sign for COVID-19 that requires immediate medical attention.
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The novel coronavirus has a few common symptoms that can be very misleading. Fever, cough, fatigue, and muscle pain are also typical of the common cold or flu, as are chills, shaking, headache, and sore throat. Interestingly enough, not all patients with a sore throat and other common symptoms actually have the disease, said a recent study. Shortness of breath can also appear, and breathing issues are common for other ailments. But doctors who have observed COVID-19 patients have been able to identify a slew of other symptoms that might be indicative of a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The sudden loss of smell and taste is one of the most popular signs of COVID-19. It’s been studied and explained, and it’s now associated with the new disease. Other neurological or cardiac manifestations have been observed in patients who may have not experienced other symptoms. And if you encounter skin lesions similar to frostbite, or you have bluish lips or face, then you might have COVID-19.

We’ve already talked about the unexpected onset of dermatological symptoms a few days ago when news emerged from France that some skin issues may be associated with the novel coronavirus. It wasn’t just frostbite lesions that were mentioned, but also hives and persistent redness. “Analysis of the many cases reported to SNDV shows that these manifestations can be associated” with the novel coronavirus, said the group in an announcement. “We are alerting the public and the medical profession in order to detect these potentially contagious patients as quickly as possible,” a translated version of a press release said.

The Spanish General Council of Official Podiatrist Colleges also issued a statement on a strange new symptom of COVID-19. “They are purple lesions (very similar to those of chickenpox, measles or chilblains) which usually appear on the toes and normally heal without leaving a mark,” a translation of the statement read.

“Bluish lips or face” is now a symptom that’s listed on the CDC website for the novel coronavirus Medical Daily reports.

Bluish lips or face is the kind of symptom that signals the need for immediate medical attention, the CDC explains. Other emergency warning signs for COVID-19 include trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, and confusion or inability to arouse — the last two are among the neurological signs that we have mentioned before.

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