BYKEA’s User Interface Now Displays the Body Temperature of its Driver Partners

BYKEA, one of Pakistan’s leading transport and delivery services announced the release of a new feature today. As per this latest feature, the body temperature of the active driver partners shall be displayed on the app, for the customers to see.


Driver Partners

This is a first of its kind feature among all Pakistan app based businesses that has been launched at the most opportune time. Tracking fever is the first line of defense against the epidemic and such a functionality reminds everyone to be vigilant and responsible while building trust and accountability.

The system is simple and effective as the Driver Partner is required to enter his body temperature before he can proceed with accepting orders. If the temperature entered is above a threshold, the system blocks the particular individual.

BYKEA continues to evolve according to the situation and has implemented all precautionary measures recommended by the Government for the safety of its Driver Partners, employees and general public.

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