These Videos by Would Make You Want to Stay at Home

Lockdowns all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic have forced everyone to stay confined to their homes. While introverts rejoice, others struggle to resist the urge to socialize.

And it is true that quarantines can be a drag, even for introverts. When we look back at the happy days (not so long ago) where we could just grab our car keys and go out to satisfy our sweet tooth or simply sit with our friends laughing at lame jokes, it breaks our hearts.

If we were to look at the brighter side of things, we now get to spend more family time. Add in a dash of creative thinking and there are countless things you can do to make this quarantine happier and socialize while maintaining a safe physical distance.

How, you ask?

Well, take a look at these inspirational videos by that depict a sweet image of things that might make staying at home more fun for you.

Miss hanging out with your buddies? Trying out new places to visit and the general merriment of being in each other’s company?

Staying apart does not necessarily mean that you have to be deprived of the little joys in life like playing a game together, video calling and all the other stuff that does not need a physical presence for execution (bless the internet!). This video by Graana perfectly portrays how you can enjoy all these things and socialize while maintaining a safe social distance.

Remember how your spouse was always complaining that you two don’t get to spend much time together? Well, thanks to the lockdown, now you’ve got all the time in the world. This second video by kills two birds with one stone as it shows the sweet way the husband and wife enjoy a romantic dinner night after the wife efficiently finishes her work from home.

This campaign by stresses the importance of staying at home which is the need of the hour. It gives you creative ideas on how to keep your impatience in check and enjoy this time while maintaining a safe distance.

Until this is all over and we get back to our normal busy schedules, cherish this time with your loved ones and make good use of it.

“Corona se darna nahin, larna hai”

#StayHome. #StaySafe. #SaveLives.

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