Xbox Series S might be revealed during May hardware showcase

  • Microsoft is reportedly preparing to reveal a cheaper next-gen console called the Xbox Series S.
  • The Xbox Series S (codename “Lockhart”) will have 4TB of performance compared to the 12TB of the Xbox Series X, but will retain many of the next-gen console’s most important features.
  • Microsoft is rumored to be preparing a hardware showcase for Surface and Xbox devices in May.
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Sony has made headlines with some exciting next-gen announcements over the past few weeks, including the reveal of the DualSense controller that will ship with the PlayStation 5, but Microsoft still has a sizable lead when it comes to what we know about its plans for 2020. While the design of the PS5 is still unknown, we’ve seen the Xbox Series X powered on and running games. But that’s not to say Microsoft is out of secrets to share.

For months, we’ve been hearing that the next generation of Xbox consoles will follow a similar trajectory as that of the current generation, with a premium model (Xbox One X) and a more affordable model (Xbox One S) on the market at the same time. The cheaper model — which has been referred to as the “Xbox Series S” — has yet to be officially unveiled, but that might change next month if recent reports are to be trusted.

Windows Central’s Jez Corden reports that “Lockhart” (codename for the Series S) “is entering take home stages for Xbox employees” so they can test the console and offer feedback ahead of launch. Corden says the timing indicates that rumors of the console debuting at a hardware showcase in May “are likely accurate.” Windows Central has also reported that the Lockhart console will feature 4 teraflops of performance compared to the 12 teraflops of the Xbox Series X — enough to provide a next-gen experience, but without all of the bells and whistles.

Adding fuel to the fire, Klobrille (who has shared many Xbox leaks in the past) backed Windows Central’s report in a series of tweets on Tuesday morning. He claims that all of the technology that makes the Series X a next-generation console — Zen 2 CPU, RDNA2 GPU, Raytracing, GDDR6, SSD & Xbox Velocity Architecture, dedicated audio block, and more — will be present in the Xbox Series S as well. You can see the thread below:

Providing the Xbox Series S does exist (and there’s a whole lot of smoke for there to be no fire at this point), it could give Microsoft a huge leg up if it launches alongside the Xbox Series X this fall. As far as we know, Sony only has one PS5 SKU planned for 2020, and if you’ve been reading about the upcoming consoles, you know how expensive they are likely to be. If Microsoft can undercut Sony with the Xbox Series S the way that Sony undercut Microsoft in 2013 with the PlayStation 4, this generation could be far more competitive than the last.

DualSense controller
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